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Pipeline Transmission

Natural Gas development and utilization will be a main pillar of Nigeria’s industrialization and energy production. Nigeria is blessed with abundant Gas far more than crude Oil. As the sector achieves maturity, it is increasingly turning to Gas which will play an increasing role in the energy needs of an increasingly environmental conscious world. Nigeria’s energy sufficiency will depend on the efficient development and utilization of this abundant resource.

Leander Consulting Limited is a new entrant into the Gas development of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Sector.

Leander is developing collaborations with concessionaires to transmit and distribute refined Natural Gas and other components from processing systems to storage and direct end user facilities in all parts of the country.

Our Gas pipeline networks are broken down into three distinct systems:

  • Gathering systems – here, we carry natural gas from individual wells for bulk processing at a treatment facility
  • Transmission systems – we carry the processed natural gas, often over long distances, from the producing region to local distribution systems around the country
  • Local distribution systems – we deliver natural gas into business and power plants.