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About Us

Leander Consulting Limited is engaged in extractive mining in the West African sub-region. In Nigeria, the company works in the Oil and Gas industry. In Sierra Leone, Leander provides mining logistics services to extractive mining companies in Bauxite and iron ore mining. Leander owns large concessions of Granite deposits in Sierra Leone which it processes and exports to The Gambia and other countries.
As a company, Leander Consulting was incorporated and commenced business March 30th 2003.
Starting in 2003 when the Local Content awareness in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry was in its concept stage, Leander Consulting provided consultancy services to several International Oil and Gas Companies on how to initiate and implement policies to increase the participation of Nigerian Companies in their value chain. Leander Consulting worked with Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Total (Elf) and Shell to sensitize Nigerian companies to the opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry. Leander Consulting organized the definitive conference – Business Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector in collaboration with all the IOC’s and NAPIMS – NNPC.
Leander Consulting worked with Nigerian Liquefied Natural gas (NLNG) to provide orientation training for international and local employees with emphasis on the laws and contracts as well as the environment of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
Leander Consulting is now focused on providing solutions to the challenges exploiting Nigeria’s huge Gas reserves with a focus on providing pipeline infrastructure. Leander Consulting mines and processes granite in Sierra Leone and exports to The Gambia, being one of the primary sources of granite for all construction in the country.
The huge logistics operation is a testament to the vision and tenacity of purpose overcoming all the challenges of doing business in the region.